Dog Walking Tilehurst

Dog walking provides many benefits that include keeping your dog healthy, physically fit and mentally stimulated.

Happy, healthy and fun

Let's go outside?

Dog walking fulfils your dog’s natural instincts for exploring sights, sounds and smells. As such his can help to reduce negative behaviours in the home due to boredom and excess energy.

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dog walking around Tilehurst
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Walking packages

Group Walks

Your dog will be paired with other dogs based on age, temperament, energy level and location.

Fit, active dogs off lead on walks where they can swim, run and play or taking older or smaller dogs on quiet sniffy walks where they can doodle at their own pace.
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Walking packages

Individual Walks

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Some dogs need a little more personal attention.


We can customise private walks to suit your dog’s needs.


Calming walks for nervous dogs, shorter walks for older dogs or individual walks for dogs that don’t socialise well.

Walking packages

Training Walks

Does your dog pull on the lead, bark at other dogs or ignore you when called?

If you are unable to attend my classes, we can offer individual training walks.

dog walking around Tilehurst

Our doggy friends while in our company will be provided with toys, treats, fuss and fun.  When we return your dogs to their home they will be towel dried if wet, brushed if they have foliage in their coats and given fresh water.  When you come home you will find your four legged friend relaxed and happy.